Instagram DMs x 100,000

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Order is for 100,000 Direct Messages with Push Notification on Instagram.

Delivery Time Frame - 24-72 hours orders are handled manually.

📩 Send direct messages on Instagram to users who are interested in your niche/project/product. Increase your sales and followers!

🚀 99% requests folder and comes with push notification!

Make sure your Instagram is set to public

No External link is accepted make sure it's (only instagram,com/..)

Custom list - If you wish to use a custom list please send it with your order.

We collect blacklists for each order, so the same users will not receive your message twice in the next campaign.

EXAMPLE ORDER: Include the details with your order.

1. Link: Client PROFILE or Client POST URL DM text (if needed)

2. Quantity: Amount of DMs you want to send

3. Usernames: Target source type - Followers/Likers/Hashtags/Tagged Posts/Locations or Custom list (we will scrape the target list from the target you will choose)

4. Hashtags: The text you want to send in your DM

Optionally connect your Discord to get exclusive accesss with your purchase.

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      Instagram DMs x 100,000
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