Telegram DMs x 5,000

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Bulk Telegram Direct Messages (5,000 DMs)

~ Once you place your order it will go on queue, and it will typically take anywhere between 24-72 business hours for us to execute it. It will depend a lot on the size of the order, the required scraping to fulfil it, and our working load.

  • Send direct messages on Telegram to users who are interested in your project/product. Increase your sales.

  • Perfect service to grow your channel or to get sales!


~ We can only scrap channels and groups which are showing their members.

~ Please add as many targets to scrape the audience from to make the order start faster and more efficiently.

~ Orders who will not follow the requirements won't be refunded so please double check.


1. Link to the user / channel / groups you want to promote

2. Text message

Optionally connect your Discord to get exclusive accesss with your purchase.

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      Telegram DMs x 5,000
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